Handcrafted & Custom Made

We specialise in creating beautiful bespoke pieces, to your exact requirements.

We offer a personal service to create a unique piece using your vision to bring to life your style of furniture to suit you and your needs. Available upon request, we can create: dining tables, benches, coffee tables, coasters, garden benches, bed frames, and more; or get in touch for a custom quotation.

Every piece is a one off and hand made in our Suffolk factory, you will never find another piece the same!

Choose Your Requirements

Firstly, you’ll need to choose your type of product! Our standard products are mentioned above, but if you have something else in mind, please just get in touch.

We’ll then need to know your specific sizing and measurements if possible. Next up, choose your type of wood and leg styling if you have a preference, and any resin pours.

Then, we can discuss your project, and the budget you may have.

Please do contact us if you are unsure of anything or would like to discuss bringing a tired piece of furniture back to befitting your home.

Bespoke Resin Furniture

Pricing Guide

To give you an idea of the price ranges for bespoke pieces, these are some examples.

Our resin river sofa side tables are ideal for smaller spaces, sizes start from L370mm x W220mm x H290mm with a double edged 1 colour river from £120 made with Cedar or similar.

A coffee sized table approximately L800mm x W500 xH300 made from Oak or similar wood with 1 colour resin river pour and legs made from wood to match, prices start from £400

A two seater dining table again made from Oak or similar with 1 resin river pour sized approximately L1000mm x W700mm x H740mm with wooden styled legs, prices start from £800

The Processes

To make the perfect bespoke piece of furniture for you there are processes that the wood and resin go through to fully ensure your result is flawless. These processes are similar for all types of style and how long they take depends on the complexity and size of the piece you require.

Our bespoke pieces have a lead time of 6 weeks. This is due to specific moulding, curing processes and finishing products to be applied. Please contact us to discuss your budget.

If you’d like to know more information on how our pieces are made, please just get in touch.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that products may slightly vary from the pictures below due to perception of colour, light and wood finish.